Here are some things you should know before hiring me. 

1. Do you offer CD's or disks of your work? 

    No. I do not and will not offer this. If we have made an agreement for originals, you can download them directly from this site. And I always offer web sized images with my logo for download. If you do purchase originals, the print release strictly states that these photos can only be printed at pre-approved vendors. Why? Because, I don't want my work printed at inferior places, and I don't want my work displayed and accredited in an unsatisfactory way. If you paid for a session, make sure your prints match the work you paid to get. 


2. Can I share my session on the internet/social media? 

   Yes! But make sure my logo is present or that my page is properly credited. Tag it, link it, but don't share my work with no credit. Please remember that unless you are a commercial client, I still retain all rights to the images. 


3. Can I purchase the rights to my session? 

   Unless you are a commercial client, no. Commercial photography pricing is quite different from personal, private sessions. You may purchase the originals and these come with a print release which may be used for personal use only. 


4. Is it ok to alter photos from my session in any way?
   This is copyrighted work. You MAY NOT instagram my images with filters or add text or any other third thing without express consent. What is the point of hiring a professional if you're going to alter the images? I am happy to create custom filters(which I do for EVERY SINGLE SESSION) and looks for your images. 


5. What is included in the editing of my images? 

   Skin smoothing, slimming, skin retouching, ect. I also do at least two versions of each image. (Usually 3 which include a 'retro look', black and white and some other third look.) And if I feel inspired to do so, I will even composite something for you. I love what I do, so you usually get a lot more than the 10. 

6. I want to book a session, how much is the deposit? 
  At least $50 must be put down. Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Why? Because I've had too many would be clients whom I spend several hours scouting locations, coming up with ideas and consulting who flake out. This prevents people from flaking on their sessions. And it also makes the time I spend on these activities not so frustrating. Can't make it? No problem, we can reschedule! 


7. What do you typically charge for a session? How long does it last?
   $325 is my normal starting fee for sessions. This includes makeup and hair, concept creation, post processing(I spend an average of 15-20 hours on EACH session), and 2 hours of shooting time, all of your web-sized images available for download and access to over 400 print products. My prints are very reasonably priced, starting at $2, going all the way to $100's for very large prints with frames. 


If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer them!